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Control system for 11 kW blower with soft start

23 April 2024

The 11 kW soft-start blower control system allows for efficient control and monitoring of the blower operation, taking into account soft start to prevent high power consumption and equipment wear. 
The system consists of:
1. Blower. This equipment is responsible for supplying air to the system or device where it is needed for operation.
2. Soft start. This is a function that allows the blower to gradually gain speed, which prevents sudden current surges at startup and conserves energy as well as equipment durability.
3. Buttons and switches:
- S1 "Automatic" is a switch that determines the system's operating mode. In this position, the system is ready to start automatically.
- S2 "Start" - button to start the blower after selecting the "Automatic" mode.
- S3 "Stop" - button to stop the blower operation.
4. Electro contact pressure gauge. This device measures the pressure in the system and displays it. If a problem is detected, it activates the HL1 "Alarm" warning light.
5. Warning lights. HL1 Fault - This lamp indicates a problem or emergency in the system. It is activated when the proximity gauge detects a blower malfunction. HL2 Operation - This light indicates the normal operation status of the system. When the system is operating correctly, this lamp will be lit.

This soft-start system allows for efficient control and monitoring of the blower, ensuring optimal operation and prompt response to potential problems via warning lights.