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Development of IoT devices (Internet of Things)

Що Вас чекає на курсі?

The Internet of Things is one of the most promising global trends. It involves the communication of devices that physically interact with the surrounding world (have sensors, executive devices) and, based on the received data, perform their functions in automatic mode, without human intervention. It requires the development of microprocessor devices capable of network communication and a server part that will provide communication and data processing.
The course provides an opportunity to practice the basic techniques of developing IoT devices, configure the server part and program the logic of device interaction.


This course is for you if

  • you have plans to develop your own Internet of Things devices;
  • you want to control individual devices from a smartphone/PC/server;
  • you want to include the developed microprocessor device for control, signaling, measurement or data collection, access control, indication or registration in the Internet of Things;
  • you need to include in the information system the data collected from the physical objects of the surrounding world.

Що в результаті?

You will be able to

  • program Espressif modules in the Arduino IDE for input-output of discrete signals, connection to WiFi networks, interaction with other nodes in the network using the MQTT protocol,
  • configure the MQTT broker to connect IoT devices to it,
  • implement the logic of interaction of IoT devices.

Програма курсу

Basics of programming in the Arduino IDE. Input-output of signals in Arduino.

Connecting the device to WiFi networks. SmartConfig.

MQTT protocol. Connecting the device to the MQTT broker.

QoS selection based on data type. Publication of messages.

I2C interface. Publication of measurement results from the BME280 sensor.

Receiving and interpreting the data received in the MQTT message.

From prototype to serial device: selection of WiFi modules for certification and transition from breadboard to serial device PCB. (4)

OTA firmware update of the device.

Mosquitto MQTT broker settings. Users and ACLs.

Programming the logic of automatic interaction between two devices connected to the MQTT broker.

Encryption of data transmission between the device and the broker.

Connecting the device to Google Cloud IoT Core.

Development of an IoT network from devices with specified functions.